Car Hire and Driving Abroad

After several months of hard work and exhausting routine, it calls for some me-time. You need to calm your nerves and treat yourself with some exotic travelling destination. Vacationing can be a stress reliever in such scenario.

Either you want to travel to the Far East end of Croatia or to the historical and brilliant architectural destination like Italy. Either way you would need a lot of travelling and riving. Now wouldn’t it be ideal if you don’t have to plunge in to the hassle of getting a cab from your hotel?

By having a car at your convenience, you can explore a lot more than just famous places during your trip. You can explore the local cafés, delis and art shops that you wouldn’t find on your trip-guide. This will not only enhance your overall experience but will also enable you to have the most out of your trip.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Car and Driving Abroad

Driving abroad can be really tricky. You need to be aware about the driving rules, fines and penalties of your possible travel destination. It is best that you do some research beforehand to avoid any sort of complication.

Another aspect that you need to be extremely vigilant about is car hiring. Make sure that you sign-up only for what you need. Few tips are here for you to keep yourself prepared.

●     Car Hiring

Don’t Sign up For Add-ons:

The car dealer might rick you into opting for unnecessary add-ons and services that you might not even need. Like a GPS or a baby seat. You can save a lot of cash on your final bill by avoiding these services.

Fuel Policy

Alone on your car policy, you can be charged as much as your daily rent of your car. You need to be extremely clear with your rental car service provider. Ask them in advance about the available fuel policies. Choose according to your convenience.

Avoid Airport Car-Rental Service

While planning a trip you should also keep in account that you book with a local or an international car dealer online or beforehand. Car rental services are available near airport. You might think it is convenient but this convenience has some extra charges.

The rental service at the airport costs you a lot more than booking online.

Go cheap. Go local.

AutokostenInstead of renting a car from the leading international brands try and compare the rates and services from any local car dealer. Now almost all the car rental services have an online presence and it will not be difficult to choose one.

Local car dealers have comparatively low rates and if you book in advance you might even get a discount.

Click Pictures

Before you leave the premises of the car dealer, take a lot of pictures of your ride. And when you return do the same. This will save you from any sort of trouble regarding damage and vandalism of the car. Get it in written from your car dealer about the condition of your ride.

●     Driving Abroad

When you are driving abroad, it is mandatory for you to know the driving rules and other regulation of that country. Your travelling destination might have different set of rules and guidelines than your country. Keeping few tips in mind will help you along your trip.

  •     Always ask your travel agent for a manual on the dos and don’ts of driving in a particular country.
  •     Read about all the possible charges you can face while travelling on long routes. For instance, in some countries driving on an expressway will have a fee and if you don’t comply to pay it, you can face heavy penalties.
  •     Make sure that you are carrying your international license on you. Also check, if your license is allows you to drive in your destined country.
  •     Don’t forget to wear seat belts. In most of the European countries there is a heavy fine in case you are found driving without seatbelts.
  •     Keep a breathalyzer with you at all times. Most of the countries have strict laws against drunk driving. You can face a heavy fine as well as confiscation of license.
  •     Don’t honk the horn unless it is really important or your fear a collision.
  •     It is advised that you carry a reflective jacket in your car at all times. Wear the jacket when you step out of the car at night.
  •     Make sure that you are at least of the legal age of driving a car in your destined country. In some countries the minimum age of a driver should be 21 years of age instead of 18.
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers with you at all times. You might need them in case of an emergency.

Car Hire in Munich

Panorama München Innenstadt im AbendlichtThe magnificent city of Munich receives millions of visitors every year – Bavaria’s capital and the third largest city of Germany has plenty to offer tourists and business visitors alike. The city has a vibrant culture and is home to the world famous Oktoberfest beer festival among many other things, but there’s lots more to Munich than beer, Christmas markets and sausages you know.

Munich Airport Car Hire

Thriving Munich International Airport (Franz Josef Strauss) has flights departing from and arriving to 65 countries across the world carrying millions of passengers to global destinations.  It stands to reason that the airport has a great selection of car hire companies to choose from, many visitors taking advantage of the best way to travel throughout the area, the country and even using Munich as their base for an extended trip across Europe.  The car hire companies serving Munich Airport include;

  •     Sixt
  •     Europcar
  •     National
  •     Avis
  •     Budget
  •     Alamo
  •     easyCar
  • Thrifty

Car hire customers can pick up the keys to their vehicles at a central area in Terminal 2 which is clearly signposted for added convenience.

So where should you head off to in your rental car from Munich Airport?

Attractions In and Around Munich

There are such a lot of fascinating places to visit and things to see around the Munich airport that it’s difficult to know where to start. Here’s just a taste of what you should expect;

  •     Salzburg – you may be surprised to hear that the fabulous Austrian city of Salzburg is only an hour and a half drive from Munich. So why not just fly there instead? That’s because lots of the fun is in the journey itself and not only the destination. The drive from Munich to Salzburg is simply beautiful.
  •     Berchtesgaden is another splendid location close to Munich in the magnificent Bavarian Alps.  You can even visit Eagle’s Nest, the infamous mountain top retreat of Adolf Hitler.
  • Innsbruck – is just a short drive from Munich too, this beautiful location is the home of the fabulous Swarovski Crystals where you can take a tour of the factory or simply shop. This truly is an area of outstanding beauty with spectacular mountains and lakes around every corner.

There are so many wonderful places to experience all just a short drive from Munich that it makes perfect sense to hire a car for the duration of your visit. Car hire firms are highly competitive, so make sure that you get the best deal possible. Start by checking out these websites:


Car Hire in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, located to the north of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline on the Iberian Peninsula. Millions of visitors flock to Barcelona every year – it has a rich sporting heritage and is without doubt “football crazy” thanks largely to FC Barcelona, holds an annual Formula 1 Motor Race and more. Barcelona also has a rich tapestry of parks, gardens and areas of cultural interest.

Barcelona Airport

Barcelona El-Prat Airport is located just 14 kilometers from the city and handles more than 35 million passengers per year with ongoing expansion programs giving a possible capacity of handling more than 55 million passengers. There are various car hire opportunities at Barcelona Airport and competition is rife, so make sure that you get the best deal possible for your stay. Among the car hire companies represented at Barcelona El-Prat Airport include;

  •     Avis
  •     Europcar
  •     Hertz
  •     National Atesa
  •     Sixt

The booking desks at the airport are located on the ground floor of Terminal 1 and the main exit hall at Terminal 2B.

Hiring a car directly from Barcelona Airport gives you everything you need to really get out and explore the fascinating city of Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Places to Visit Close to Barcelona

Sagrada Familia at night, BarcelonaThis vibrant cosmopolitan city is bursting with energy and fabulous things to see and do, there’s also lots of things going on out and about close to Barcelona;

  •     The Costa Brava – lies just to the North of Barcelona and is easily reached by car. This rugged coastline has plenty of traditional fishing villages and secluded coves to explore as well as some of the more typical crowded sandy beaches. There are also some fabulous medieval villages which are just a little inland from the coast.
  •     L’Estartit – one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Costa Brava which deserves a special mention thanks to it being the perfect destination for Scuba Divers thanks largely to its close proximity to a marine reserve on the Islands of Medes.
  •     Tossa de Mar – is a million miles from L’Estartit (not literally), an attractive, fortified medieval town full of Spanish charm. This splendid location has a small, delightful beach cove for those who like to feel the sand between their toes.

The city of Barcelona itself is a cultural center packed with spectacular architecture, artwork, world class cuisine and more, but there is also plenty to see and do just outside the city. Make sure that you get the best deal possible for your hire car by checking out a number of websites before your visit including:


Car Hire in Malaga

Malaga on Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain with around a million people traveling through the airport each year.  With so many delightful things to see and do on this “Sunshine Coast” it stands to reason that car hire is a booming industry, it is essential in order to get the most out of your visit.

Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport is just a few kilometers to the west of the city and is the major gateway to many destinations in Andalusia, including Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Gibralter and Marbella – the playground of the rich, the super rich and the famous!

There are plenty of car hire options at Malaga Airport, more than 23 car hire firms are represented at the airport with a number of them located within the terminal building itself. These car hire firms are

  •     Autos Lido
  •     Avis
  •     Enterprise
  •     Europcar
  •     GoldCar
  •     Hertz
  •     Record Go
  • Sixt

Travelers need to be aware that the queues can be very long and time consuming during the busiest periods so it’s well worth sending the designated driver to sort out the car hire pick-up whilst the remainder of the party wait at the luggage carousel – this really can help to save you lots of time and allow you to continue on your journey much quicker.

Attractions In and Around Malaga

Beautiful view of Malaga city, SpainSome of the fabulous attractions just a short driving distance in and around Malaga include;

  •     Alcazaba Fortress – built in 1040 on the highest hill this fabulous fortress was designed to keep the royal family safe from invaders. This superb example of an Alcazaba (citadel) is one of the best preserved anywhere in the world and well worth a visit just a short drive from the City of Malaga.
  •     Benalmadena Sea Life Center – in one of the many fabulous suburbs of Malaga is this superb Sea Life Center where visitors can not only marvel at the ferocity of feeding sharks and exquisite fish, but also explore a section which is entirely devoted to the models, ships and tools used for centuries by the fishermen of this traditional fishing village.
  • Marbella – this millionaire’s playground is just a short drive from Malaga Airport and is packed with things to see and do for all members of the family, young and old alike – non millionaires are also welcome! Whether you want to enjoy the sun kissed sands and warm waters of the Mediterranean, enjoy the thrills and spills of go-kart driving or adventure golf, this truly is a fabulous place to visit.

Renting a car is a must in order to really appreciate the many attractions and the beauty of the area. The car rental business is very competitive, so remember to shop around for the best deals available. A few websites which can help you in your quest include:


Car hire in Bergamo

Bergamo is a beautiful place to visit while in Italy and there are several car rental companies which offer you their services.  Going around in a rented car will enable the traveler to see a lot more places than while travelling in a bus or train.

Everything you need to Know about Car Hire in Bergamo

The process to book a car hire while in Bergamo, Italy is a simple one and it takes just a few seconds.  However, there are a few things that the traveler must know about car hire in Bergamo before booking and paying. Make sure that you get all the extra charges included and what you pay must be the final price.

Some of the things that ought to be included but sometimes get missed out are:

  •     Liability insurance
  •     VAT local tax
  • Premium location fee

This could lead to extra charges which the customer might not like to pay later and so being forewarned is better.

Also, there are companies which offer full-full or full-empty tank options and you have to choose that which suits your needs.

Make sure that the companies offer breakdown assistance at all times and before starting your journey make sure that the 24/7 customer service really works.

Places to Visit in Bergamo

Bergamo, view from city hall tower, Lombardy, ItalyThere is a lot to be seen in the beautiful town of Bergamo which is nestled near the Alps.  The visitor can spend many idyllic days skiing or just strolling through the historic attractions in the town.  The best part of getting a car hire in Bergamo is that you can now drive to the following places, especially to the Upper Town or the Citta Alta of Bergamo which is a quaint place lined with medieval architecture and shops offering goodies for the visitor.

A drive through this quarter will lead you to the following places-

  •     Piazza Luigi Angelini which has an ancient wash tub
  •     Piazza Vecchia which is a beautiful square
  •     Palazzo della Ragione, a 12th century palace
  •     You can then drive to Citta Bassa where you can see the following-
  •     Porta Nuova which is a neoclassical gateway
  •     Balzer which is a bar opened in 1850
  • The San Bernadino church

The following are the best for car hire in Bergamo

Money that is saved goes a long way in making your trip a success and so that is is a boon to travelers.  The company offers full customer support and uses solutions based on the needs of the customers.  They choose from more than 525 car rental suppliers to find the best rates and some of their most rated suppliers are

  •     Alamo
  •     Europcar
  •     Goldcar
  • Maggiore

Another site that guarantees the best rates is which also partners with some of the best car hire companies.  They even offer to refund the price difference if you are able to find a cheaper supplier and that is why most people trust their services.  They also do not charge any credit fees and usually have no hidden costs to surprise their customer.  Their major suppliers are –

  •     Avis
  •     Budget
  •     Alamo
  • Europcar

When it comes to cheap car rentals there is, which offers the customer good rates.  They include everything, such as local and airport fees along with the bill so that you know what you are paying for.  Their honest dealing has made them a favorite with customers.  You also get back full refund should you cancel your booking.

Here is another site that is worth a look, namely which welcomes new customers with 5% off for prepaid bookings.  You can also opt to get 20% off on your initial payment on your arrival or else look up their various other car rental offers.


10 Tips You Should Read Before Renting a Car

Planning a perfect trip, either family or business, is daunting task involving many factors that depend on the service provider and are not under your control, such as the hotel where you would be staying or the car rental company you hire. With hotels you may get exactly what you pay for but with a car hire service that may not always be true. Anyone who has had a bad experience with car rentals would agree that the actual expense that they had had to shell out was not what they signed up for, or worse, the service and the vehicle was not worth the money.

Given here are a few tips that many have had to learn the hard way when they got stuck with the car hire service they had already paid for and had no other choice as they were in an unfamiliar territory.

A Little Research

Research is the first step in today’s competitive and often deceptive market, and what better tool do we have other than the internet to get information. Gather as much information possible about various service providers, local car hire services and national. Also making a list of places to visit, distance covered and duration of stay is an important part of planning as it will help decide how long you need to keep the rented vehicle.

Reading User Reviews

The internet is a good way to get to know what other users think about the car rental company that you want to hire. However, make sure that you do not get lured by fake reviews, which are quite easy to spot because of flowery words and empty praises. Real reviews should give you a clear idea about the car rental service, the prices and whether or not it would be a good deal.

Reading Terms of Service in Detail

Before committing to hire a specific car rental company, you must read the terms of service thoroughly. There are clauses such as extra drivers, fuel, age limit surcharge, taxes and a lot of other hidden taxes that are not always clearly mentioned and most of the times prices quoted do not include these clauses. If the terms of service are not very clear, then it is better to avoid the service provider and choose another one. Clarity and transparency are what a car rental service should offer to you and if they do not, then it is best to avoid such a provider.

Loyalty Programs, Discount Coupons & Upgrades

There are various sites that offer discounts in forms of coupons, deals and loyalty programs to their customers. It may seem too far-fetched, but enrolling for such service will help bring the cost down significantly and if you are a frequent traveler, it would make quite a lot of difference in the pricing. Purchasing the service for longer duration than per day billing is a good idea as the cost of the rental will be a lot cheaper.

Choosing the Right Car

The pricing can also vary in the model of the car, the size and extras, such as GPS device, that you choose. If you are looking for comfort or are travelling with family, then it is better to choose a bigger, more secure vehicle. Also, before paying understand what services you are selecting and if a few things seem like a necessity, you can always negotiate with the car rentalcompany and try to bring the price down. If you are travelling alone then choosing a smaller vehicle is always better as it costs less.

Security Inspection

Upon arrival, it is a check the rented vehicle thoroughly for any kind of existing damage that you could be charged for later or if the car is fully functional without any glitches. Also while returning the car, it is better to get it inspected by someone from the company and handing over the keys in person, than being tied to any damage claim that may or may not have been done by you.

Hidden Costs

Auto und TaschenrechnerCheck for hidden costs such as collision damage, child seats, fuel and road surcharge, taxes implemented by the local authorities that aren’t often mentioned in the terms. Many of the service providers fail to mention that when the car is delivered to the user the fuel tank needs to be filled and the charges are actually outrageous. There have been instances when the customer has had to pay almost fifty percent extra than the actual cost of fuel, and when the car is returned to the rental service most of the times the fuel tank is not empty.

Insurance Details

Insurance is a factor that most customers forget while travelling. It is a good idea to check with your insurer whether car rentals are covered or not and if it is international travel then check with the travelers’ insurance provider for details.

Timeline of Booking

The duration of the rental is also quite a cost saver if you need a rental car for a longer period of time. There are various deals, upgrades and coupons that help bring the cost down even further if the vehicle is rented for longer.

Avoid Renting at the Airport

Many people make the mistake of assuming that the car rental service is not something they should pay for in advance without any negotiations and that the prices will be quite same when they reach their destination and hire a rental service at the Airport itself. However, that is not true when it comes to car rental and cost will go up when you are left with no choice in a new place, especially when you are travelling with family.