Car Hire and Driving Abroad

After several months of hard work and exhausting routine, it calls for some me-time. You need to calm your nerves and treat yourself with some exotic travelling destination. Vacationing can be a stress reliever in such scenario.

Either you want to travel to the Far East end of Croatia or to the historical and brilliant architectural destination like Italy. Either way you would need a lot of travelling and riving. Now wouldn’t it be ideal if you don’t have to plunge in to the hassle of getting a cab from your hotel?

By having a car at your convenience, you can explore a lot more than just famous places during your trip. You can explore the local cafés, delis and art shops that you wouldn’t find on your trip-guide. This will not only enhance your overall experience but will also enable you to have the most out of your trip.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Car and Driving Abroad

Driving abroad can be really tricky. You need to be aware about the driving rules, fines and penalties of your possible travel destination. It is best that you do some research beforehand to avoid any sort of complication.

Another aspect that you need to be extremely vigilant about is car hiring. Make sure that you sign-up only for what you need. Few tips are here for you to keep yourself prepared.

●     Car Hiring

Don’t Sign up For Add-ons:

The car dealer might rick you into opting for unnecessary add-ons and services that you might not even need. Like a GPS or a baby seat. You can save a lot of cash on your final bill by avoiding these services.

Fuel Policy

Alone on your car policy, you can be charged as much as your daily rent of your car. You need to be extremely clear with your rental car service provider. Ask them in advance about the available fuel policies. Choose according to your convenience.

Avoid Airport Car-Rental Service

While planning a trip you should also keep in account that you book with a local or an international car dealer online or beforehand. Car rental services are available near airport. You might think it is convenient but this convenience has some extra charges.

The rental service at the airport costs you a lot more than booking online.

Go cheap. Go local.

AutokostenInstead of renting a car from the leading international brands try and compare the rates and services from any local car dealer. Now almost all the car rental services have an online presence and it will not be difficult to choose one.

Local car dealers have comparatively low rates and if you book in advance you might even get a discount.

Click Pictures

Before you leave the premises of the car dealer, take a lot of pictures of your ride. And when you return do the same. This will save you from any sort of trouble regarding damage and vandalism of the car. Get it in written from your car dealer about the condition of your ride.

●     Driving Abroad

When you are driving abroad, it is mandatory for you to know the driving rules and other regulation of that country. Your travelling destination might have different set of rules and guidelines than your country. Keeping few tips in mind will help you along your trip.

  •     Always ask your travel agent for a manual on the dos and don’ts of driving in a particular country.
  •     Read about all the possible charges you can face while travelling on long routes. For instance, in some countries driving on an expressway will have a fee and if you don’t comply to pay it, you can face heavy penalties.
  •     Make sure that you are carrying your international license on you. Also check, if your license is allows you to drive in your destined country.
  •     Don’t forget to wear seat belts. In most of the European countries there is a heavy fine in case you are found driving without seatbelts.
  •     Keep a breathalyzer with you at all times. Most of the countries have strict laws against drunk driving. You can face a heavy fine as well as confiscation of license.
  •     Don’t honk the horn unless it is really important or your fear a collision.
  •     It is advised that you carry a reflective jacket in your car at all times. Wear the jacket when you step out of the car at night.
  •     Make sure that you are at least of the legal age of driving a car in your destined country. In some countries the minimum age of a driver should be 21 years of age instead of 18.
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers with you at all times. You might need them in case of an emergency.